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    Any way to make Motion Effect work in CS3?

      I had some problems with animated motion effects in CS2, but now they seem to be even worse in CS3... Along with all the other CS3 problems I've encountered, I'm considering going back to CS2 - but I thought I'd try here first...

      With an interlaced video project (NTSC SD) anything (title, photo, or video) that is put in motion using keyframes for the built-in Motion Effect comes out VERY bad.

      I tried a test with a clip that is only three frames long, consisting of white box approx. 100x100 pixels (made via Titler) and starting at frame 0, offset horizontally by 360 and at the 3rd frame (frame 2) offset horizontally by 380. (20 pixel shift)

      FIRST PROBLEM: Look at the frame 0 and frame 1 in the program monitor at 100%. Now try any other magnification - completely different results!!

      SECOND PROBLEM: To export these three frames, I have to set the work area bar to include FOUR frames, because if I animate motion of a clip and then export, the last frame is SOMETIMES not included in the output file. If you're playing along, output five frames just to be sure.

      THIRD PROBLEM: Open the clip in Photoshop. (The only application in CS3 that appears to work correctly.) At first glance, frame one appears to be interlaced because of the motion. But it's not. The second field is nowhere near where it should be in time relative to the movement. If you use an actual photo instead of a white box, you can see how badly it's mangled. (Not just fields in wrong position, but badly mangled.)

      FOURTH PROBLEM: Frame 1 and 2 (the 2nd and third frame) are also badly mangled.

      FIFTH PROBLEM: The fourth frame (frame 3) consists of the the final resting place of the object - BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE THERE AT ALL! (The 4th frame is blank.)

      I know, I know, long rant... I'm just getting so fed up with all of the problems with CS3...

      Anyway, are there other alternatives that will work on interlaced video??? (For now, I had to create a different project that was progressive, and render to a temp file to import into the interleaved project. It looks better, but not nearly as smooth of motion as it should be.)