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    Premier Pro CS3 download issue

      Having purchased the download version of Premier Pro CS3, I have successfully downloaded all but one large file, that being the Encore Content file. It took 2.5 hours to download the latter and the download program indicates it is located on C:\Users\Owner\a\...
      However, it is not there. An additional attempt to download it again the download program indicates the file allready exists. I've tried searching for the files (there are two, one is an exe file) to no avail.
      Has anyone had this problem, if so, where did you find the files? Further, what will I be missing if said files cannot be downloaded?
      Thank you for any replies.
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          >located on C:\Users\Owner\a\...

          And just what does "\a\..." really mean?

          There must be a real name somewhere in there

          So... use Windows Explorer to go to C\Users\Owner as a starting point, and look
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            The content file is most likely the Library. This contains menus both static and animated.
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              That's the file folder I had instructed to program to insert the files into.
              The file names are: AENCCS3_Cont_ALP.7z and AENCCS3_Cont_ALP.exe
              To check the file names I just started the down-load process again and it ignores the folder into which I directed it to send the file. Instead it is sending it to C:\Users\Owner\Documents\ folder
              However, checking that folder ther are no such files.

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                Thanks Pierre
                The way your respond does it mean you have not seen this file?
                It is 2.14 Gb in size and the exe file is 1.04 Mb.
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                  I think I've figured it out.
                  Adobe opted to use a "Download Manger" for large files to ensure sucurity...
                  for Vista this software loads the file into a Virtual file folder under the "Temporary Internet Files folder"
                  OK, that worked on the first large file, but it "ain't" working anymore.
                  Thanks Adobe, for protecting my system and making sure nothing works :-(
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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5
                    Ummm, that would be Vista and Microsoft making sure that nothing works, because Redmond is so very concerned about securing your system.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      Adobe's download manager happens to be a piece of Akamai software, one of the Internet's biggest adware/spyware offenders. Mircosoft even had to stop hosting their updates on Akamai servers because so many spyware programs had them blocked.

                      Bad move, Adobe. Everything Akamai should be banned till their execs are lying in a ditch begging for food.
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                        Indeed, I found three offending "Riskware" on my machine after downloading the AENCCS3_Cont_ALP files, two of said viruses were deleted by the Anti Virus softare and one "ran away", could not be found when the "clean-up" began. The only comforting thing (if comforting can ba applied) indications are these seem to be of minor risk as they are intended to pop only as advisory of some sort.
                        I did finally find two sets of Encore Content files buried deep under the Temporary Internet Files folder, but not where the help files inform you to find them. Also, using the search engine is uesless. The only way is to keep looking for three GB and more folders. Tideous, to say the least.
                        Finally, of the two large downloads one was corrupted, the other loaded and the program stared, but I can't be sure if it is working as there is no indication that it loaded properly since I've inserted it into the same folder as Encore, I can't be sure which files are which and for a large download such as this the increase in MB uses does not compute...
                        Also, since loading Encore Content files OnLocation won't start. I've removed it and re-installed it, but to no avail, it won't start. All I get is a message that "Adobe OnLoacation.exe has stopped working", but it ran before... Bummer
                        Well, Cheers anyway
                        Ps. the computer is running with Vista x64
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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                          >Ps. the computer is running with Vista x64

                          Not supported... so may, or may NOT work properly
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                            He he he, I'll just have to return it :-)
                            That's not quite what the sales people told me. However, it was a something I did ask since it is stated quite clearly in Adobe's promo and I was told there were some possible issues, but it is being used on 64 bit Vista machines.
                            FYI, the same applies to Adobe Creative Suite 3, of which I have the Design Premium version and it works without problems, and very fast...