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    Work flow for Canon HV20

      Does anyone have a work flow that they can share about capture and exporting from the canon HV 20 when shooting in the 24P Cine mode? I just got this camera and have seen so much conflicting stuff about what settings to use in capture and then in export. I also have After Effects CS3 so that is an option as well for editing and exporting.
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          I think I can help with a partial answer. I have captured from both an HV 10 and an XH A1 in HDV 60i without any problems. I used the standard PP preset and everything came in just fine. I have yet to do any editing on the footage so I cannot report on that.

          From what I have read from others, you should be able to edit using the standard PP tools, although I have read reports that add-on tools can speed your work and maintain the video quality better.
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            i have the hv20 also. what you have to do is capture in premiere pro (or thru AE, which goes through PP). open footage in AE and hit "interpret footage". it will then give you correct frame rate.

            then bring it into PP for editing. just selecting Canon 24F in the project settings will not give you correct results. the hv20 does work the same way as the XH A1 and others do.
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              Andy Urtu Level 1
              Go the form main page and look for the link:
              Canon 24F in CS3...

              It has more information on the HV20 24F mode (it is not 24P)