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    Bad Pixel!

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      My old XL1 has a bad pixel. This means there is one pixel on the image that is always lighter than the others.

      QUESTION: Can this be covered up with Premiere?

      QUESTION 2: Can it be fixed?

      Thank you.
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          I'm not sure if there's a new, exciting "dead pixel replacement" effect in the new version, but the way we used to have to do this was to export a single frame from the affected footage, bring it into Photoshop and fill everything with black except for a single white pixel in the same spot as the dead pixel. If you use that as an image matte for a duplicate of the original footage, shifted one pixel left or right, the variation is almost impossible to notice. It's just fiddly and time consuming.
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1
            You could try VirtualDub with the LogoAway filter. (Treating the stuck pixel as a very tiny logo. :))