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    A simple Question.

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          Could someone please tell me how you glue two clips adjacent to each other in a sequence together. I have cut a clip and moved the 2nd piece back in the sequence and then stretched the first clip up to the beginning of the 2nd clip and then I would like to make them one clip again. Please help.
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            One way (maybe the only way with PPRO)is to export the combined clips after setting the work area over the 2 clips. Export only the workarea using the same format as the original clips and deselecting "recompress".

            But why would you need to do that?
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              Colin Brougham Level 6
              Delete either the first part or the second part, and then trim the remaining piece to fill in the gap that was created by the deletion.
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                O.K. Here is why. I am making a music video. The song was made in the computer. It plays at the correct speed. Now you make a cd to play on location in a boom box (low budget) and you tape your footage with the sound from the boom box. You capture the footage and bring it into the sequence with audio along with the original audio from the computer on a seperate track. Trying to match the location audio with the original audio will sync the video in time. BUT, the Boom box motor plays the cd at a faster speed. So you match up the beginning and then when it starts to get out of time you cut the clip. You take the clip after the cut and move it back a few steps and then you extend the first clip up to the second clips new starting point and voila, it is back in time with only a minor skip frame to show. So just extending the clip again is not a solution, it will just be out of time again. I then want to join the two clips again because I need them to be one clip again. I hope this clears it up. We can do this in audio editing no problem. Thank you.
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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                  In that case, there is no way to stitch trhem back together, and since there is no need to do so, it works out just fine.

                  Why do you feel the need to stitch anything together in the first place? Cuts are common in video editing.
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                    Phil Griffith Level 2
                    perhaps slow down, or speed up either the video or sound? If it's just a small amount then maybe it wouldn't be noticeable.
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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                      That can be done using nested sequences.