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    Premiere Pro CS3 general instability

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      Hi ---

      Big problem for me with CS3. Media handling. Move a project drive from one computer to another, and you'll experience the tip of the iceberg.

      Premiere really seem to choak when that project contains one or more imported projects (usually logged footage). It gets scary when you have a deadline.

      Try this: Build a fairly complex project. Import some other premiere projects into the timeline. Build a trimmed project of that work to slim things down. NOW, try working on that project. You're screwed. No saved version except the specific trim will open, and if you make one change and save the project file, premiere will crash... After Effects is rock bottom stable, why not premiere. Multiple comps, etc, what's the problem??

      Something is wrong with Premire CS3 and I am scared to test it through a production line in which I may import 3-6 projects that someone else has logged into a master. Premiere seem to choak on this. Reminds me of Encore 2.0 which would die the second you edited some menus in Photoshop.

      Problem is that the program literally crashes instead of fixing itself or alerting you to an improper source file. I will say this, Adobe, your old software never crashed for no reason. I don't know how anyone could edit a complex project with multiple logged imports over time and not experience this.

      Adobe, please fix this. Can't trust you right now.. And these are easy fixes..

      I will say this.. Otherwise, Premiere rocks and I love it. Has anyone edited a feature with CS3? Maybe the only way is on one computer one person at a time? Thoughts?
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          At the risk of stating the obvious, Premiere shouldn't be crashing. I can only conjecture that the crash must be related to a particular media file or media type(ie a particular codec?). This might be painful/tedious, but if you can change the drive letter of your media location, then open up the project file in question that's crashing, you'll then be prompted with the link/locate dialog to resync to the media files. Try offlining all the clips, (this will at least confirm that the project itself isn't the problem), then resyncing the source clips manually (ie right-click per clip in the project window - link media) to identify what clip is the culprit.
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            No, definitely not a codec error.

            Problems are multiple, and I've worked with software enough to know that this is a bug.

            A trimmed project's source files have only one path: the folder they were sent to.

            Overall, I think PCS3 has bug with 'nesting'

            When I am working on a 'clean' project, i.e. no importing other projects, straight edits I have no problem. BUT, that's not how production goes.. you have other people logging files that are then imported into your master.

            I could have them export movies and go the safe route, but often what they are logging is non-linear and need to go to multiple destinations in the master.

            I've been through the locate/link/resync through the ringer, it's not that. (which by the way could use some basic intelligence) and I've tested doing one change / save on trimmed projects that contain nested import. They WILL crash. It's a media handling error that results in an unusable project.. which shouldn't happen in this day and age..

            What this means to me (in my small world) is that if I have a 10 Terrabye master project that I want to trim to 300 gig to take on the road, it will surely fail me (not a simple trim, those work)... And this doesn't bode well for archive either.

            Your experience may vary, and I am open to suggestions in workflow.

            BUT, crashing a project while loading or missing data that was there before is unacceptable.

            Again, reminds me of Encore 2.0 which would constantly crash on build if you used one or more 'features'

            Maybe I should do 30 second spots..
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              Hi Drew - you've lost me a bit. Premiere projects don't truly 'nest' other projects - when you import a project into another, you essentially duplicate that data into your current project (as if you had added all those master clips again & recreated the sequences, etc).

              So, with one of your trimmed projects 'that contain nested import', to borrow your terminology, does these open successfully when you perform an 'offline all' for the media? From your description, the media handling error sounds like it's failing to access a particular file (or a set of files) - that shouldn't be fatal in itself. Generally, if a source media clip isn't found, it should simply stay offline. That's why I'm curious as to what media is it barfing on...
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                Bill Heslip Level 1
                Sorry, Drew, but you are expecting way too much as a "super-pro" user. How dare you cross the line and come crawling here for help. Those nice Adobe PPro people are too busy working on CS4 to be distracted by your petty problems. Look around, maybe you'll find a 3rd-party nesting plug-in somewhere that will make this possible. Sheesh.

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                  >Reminds me of Encore 2.0 which would die the second you edited some menus in Photoshop.

                  That right there could be a clue. I edit my menus in Photoshop all the time and Encore never crashes. This hints at a system specific instability, not a general bug.
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                    I have run into CS3 instability issues myself. So far they have been related to "sequences". It does not matter whether its a CS3 only project or a CS2 project imported into CS3.

                    As with many times before, I spent several hours removing sections of my video project trying to find the culprit that made CS3 crash every time i tried to render the timeline. I would almost always end up with one sequence that would crash CS3 every time.

                    The solution is and has been to copy/past the contents of the offending sequence into new sequence and delete the offending empty sequence. I just inserted the new sequence back into the video and everything worked fine from then on. Of course, if you have nested sequences, you'll have to keep digging until you find the corrupted sequence.

                    I have run into corrupted sequences several times thinking the problem was a bad video or audio clip.

                    I agree that adobe, as well as many other software developers, don't do enough to prevent crashing due to data corruption. I'd prefer the program to be smart enough to alert you of a problem then offer to allow you to jump back to a pre-problem state so you can save your project and either gracefully exit or go into a debug mode that displays what the program is doing right up to the point where the error occurs.
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                      Eddie Lotter Level 4

                      Bill, your sarcasm is clouding the point you're trying to make. Are you saying you don't like the fact that Adobe employees are now trying to help users in this forum?


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                        Bill Heslip Level 1
                        Eddie, my apologies if my post offended anyone here, including Adobe. I did not know that the PPro team was making an effort toward a presence here. That is a great sign and I encourage them to open up the lines of communication even more. The effort will generate a tremendous amount of goodwill. I, along with the rest of you I'm sure, will play nice when they choose to do so.

                        My point, perhaps lost in my lame attempt at sarcasm, was to encourage the PPro team to continue work on solving old bugs and shortcomings while future development continues. Certainly the CS3 updates thus far are a step in the right direction. After all, we, along with Adobe, share the same goal, for PPro to be best-of-class, just like many of their other superior products. Now that the Mac port is over, perhaps we will realize the improvements we all desire.
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                          Isn't this thread about helping Drew with his problem?

                          Anyway... Drew,

                          Assuming the problem is some sort of data or data structure corruption and not a problem external to the app...

                          I use the law of half's to find problems. First make a copy of your project just in case the one your working on becomes unrecoverable. Try cutting/pasting half of the project into a new temporary sequence. Then try to reproduce the problem from the original sequence that contains only the first half of the project. If the problem does not appear, then it must be in the other half of the project.

                          Basically, keep halving the problem portion until you isolate the problem.
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                            Jeron Coolman Level 1
                            Drew, sorry if I missed this, are you running 3.0 or 3.1? 3.0 used to crash constantly for me and 3.1 has only crashed once. I'd also try some of the troubleshooting, Nelson is suggesting. Those are good ideas.

                            Are these PPro 2.0 projects that you are importing into CS3? I had nothing but problems trying to do that. Importing CS3 projects into other CS3 projects seems to have been working fine so far for me.

                            Also, did I miss the type of media? If it is HDV and you are using CS3's capture tool, I can understand you having problems. I can't use any clip captured by CS3, it causes all sorts of flaky problems. (Haven't tried 3.1's capture, yet though)