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    TWO (easy) PROBLEMS

      I've got two problems with the Premier Pro, I would thank if somebody can help me..

      1) To begin, I want the photos in asequence to last 3 seconds (and not the default 5 seconds), but i'm able to change the duration only one by one.. and i'm working with more than 1000 photos!

      2) then, another problem of the same kind: When I select a certain photo, and it appears on the small screen (Sequence 01 of the Monitor..), the photo is much bigger than the frame, the center of the photo being seen alone, too zoomed. Too fix it in only one photo its easy(Effect Controls > Motion > Scale), but again, to fix the 1000 photos like that would take an eternity. Isn't there a way too change the scale in all the photos?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          1) Delete all the photos from your project. Go into Edit>Preferences>General and change the default still duration to suite. Then reimport all your images.

          2) When in the preferences file, also make sure Default Scale to Frame Size is checked.
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            TradeWind Level 3
            For the second issue, you can select all the photos on the timeline, right click and choose "scale to frame size." This will scale them all to frame size together.

            The timing issue is only solved as mentioned above, deleting all images, changing prefs and re-importing.

            Alternatively, you can drop your photo sequence into a new sequence and time-stretch downward to decrease the duration (of course, that will introduce other problems, like speeding up all transitions and effects you might have applied as well).