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    Premiere Pro CS3 Crashing Frequently -

      Hi Everyone

      PP is starting to crash every 5 minutes and it is giving us major headaches.

      When we first started using CS3 it was fine but after using it a while it started crashing, we save frequently to avoid losing work but now it crashes more frequently and takes times to load. It is making it very hard to complete the project as we are wasting too much time because of the crashes.

      We are putting together 8 x 30 min and one 2 hour (sports shows). We are using 26 hours of DV footage in SD. Project settings PAL DV.

      Technical hardware:
      Intel Dual Core 2 gz
      Ram 3gb
      Nvidia 256 graphics card with latest drivers.
      Vista 32 bit with latest updates
      Premeire Pro CS3 with all latest updates.

      All Project files are stored on a external hard drive. Project file is now 30 mb.

      Premiere Pro doesn't give us any error message when it crashes. Just starts going slow, then doesn't respond, then a few seconds later ' Premiere Pro has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows is looking for a solution'. it then just hangs for a few mintues then closes down with no further information. Windows doesn't come up with a solution either. All other software on the computer is stable.

      This doesn't occur on a particular sequence, or when we are using footage from a particular tape etc (as far as we can see). Just seems to be quite random. We can't render or export a sequence because Premiere crashes during the process. As you can imagine on a project this big we are using many nested sequences.

      We have tried renaming the project which didn't work but want to try some other suggestions.

      I am not sure what information would be useful to help identify this problem. If you need any further information please let us know.
      We would appreciate any help or suggestions you can give us.

      Regards, Carl