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    HDV and CS3 v PP2

      I have some HDV footage (1080i/50) (rendered to HDV using sony vegas from original AVCHD footage) It edits just fine in PP2 but when I bring it into CS3 (tried various project settings) it shows in the monitor window (or timeline) with greeny yellow horizontal lines. When it is played from timeline or monitor preview window these lines disappear but it then kinda flashes every few seconds. Any ideas? Like I say - same avis are no problem in PP2. The same footage also plays OK in various players. Thanks Mike
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          I have a similar problem except that it is with the audio. It is HDV footage that plays back fine in PPro2 but gets out of sync in CS3. My solution is to render it out in PPro2 using the HDV setting of the media encoder. The rendered footage then plays fine in CS3 and looks the same as the original. Perhaps the same trick would work for you.