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    Weird bug?  Timeline indicator stops moving and (wrong) video on playback

      Ok, I'm not sure how to describe this weird issue I'm having with Premiere Pro CS3. I didn't see anything similar posted here but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have. For whatever reason all of a sudden the timeline indicator will stop moving but there will be video playing in the program monitor. The weird thing is that the video that's playing back is not what I've got in my timeline, I have no idea where Premiere is finding that bit of video to playback. It can play back parts of a video that I've edited out. There's no way for me to tell what section it's playing back because the timeline indicator is frozen. Or, sometimes the timeline indicator is NOT frozen but when I drag it over some video footage in the timeline it doesn't play back that footage, again it's playing back some video footage that who knows where on the timeline it's getting it from (or in what sequence).

      The only fix I've found is to exit out of Premiere and then bring it back up. I've tried simply closing the project and re-opening it but that doesn't work. This would lead me to think that perhaps something is being cached in memory? Maybe it's my video card? (I have an Nvidia Quadro QX4600 with 756 meg memory).

      Anyone else had this issue?