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    Premiere CS3 and 2 both crash! Please help!

      I have been struggling for days now. I can't get CS3 or CS2 to load. I have them installed, and I can launch them fine. I was even able to scrub across the time line. As soon as I click a menu, it freezes. Same result on CS2. The program just locks up, I can't even force a quit with Task Manager. All I can do is reboot.

      I have an Intel Dual Core 6400 (2.13Ghz)
      2GB of RAM
      1 X 150GB HDD (100GB free)
      1 X 200GB HDD (18GB free)
      NVidia GeForce 8800GTS (2560X1280)

      And I just did a clean install of Windows this weekend, hoping it would work, but still it hasn't helped. It did work... it used to work for like a month. And now, no matter what, it does the same thing. I'm pretty desperate, can anyone help?