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    .flv file size too large

      I recently purchased the Premiere Pro CS3 upgrade in order to produce flash video for our website because I was told Flash is the way to go for video delivery. We have used Real Media for a while to provide our audience with both the option to stream the video or to download it, but for several reasons I wanted to move away from that format.

      However, I have to say I am disappointed in the results I've gotten with my first .flv encoded movies. The file sizes I'm getting for decent quality video are around approx 140 MB compared with approx 75 MB for the same clip when exporting to Real Media (.rm file). That's nearly twice the file size and the quality is even a little worse than the smaller Real Media file.

      I am running Win XP and exporting finished high quality 80 minute .avi clips (yes, very long, but shortening the clips is not an option)to Adobe Media Encoder>Adobe Flash Video (I'm using the "NTSC Source to 256kpbs" preset, using the "On2 VP6" codec, with a bitrate of 200). Our priority is High Quality video but at the same time it would be nice to have a reasonable file size too. I simply don't understand why the file size is so large compared with Real Media when the quality is roughly the same. Am I doing something obviously wrong. Please help.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Different codecs produce different results. You can't necessarily expect any correlation between file size and quality across the various codecs.
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            It's worth playing with keyframes, possibly increasing the number between them by a substantial amount. I'm also a little surprised that a 256k preset would have a video bit rate of 200. That strikes me as a little high by the time you add in audio and try and cram it down a congested 256k line.

            Do you have the settings you're using to export the Real files? Real 10 is a great codec as far as quality/bit rate. It's just a pity it lacks in other ways.