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    Premier Pro 2.0 - CS3

      Hi everyone,

      Newb question for you, but I hope you can help - you do seem like a helpful bunch! I have Premier Pro 2 and am halfway through a project. It's a big project but there are no effects on it, it's all butt-up assembly edit at the moment. I'm getting more bugs as time goes on, where things just stop playing and I keep having to change from Draft to High quality to get it working again. It's a right pain.

      (on xp pro sp2 btw)

      I'm thinking of upgrading to CS3 (actually, I'm going to go for the production package if I do) but have had lots of problems in the past with companies like Steinberg to name but a few, where the upgrade is not always satisfactory.

      So my questions are:

      1. Is it actually worth the upgrade to CS3? Is it that much of a better program? Is it stable?

      2. Will I be ok importing my v2 project into CS3? I know that it's not a good idea to change mid-project, but i'm tearing my hair out here....

      3. Will CS3 and 2 co-exist so that if the import doesn't work, I can still work on V2?

      Thanks very much for your help. Would really appreciate your opinions.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          1. Yes.Somewhat.Yes.
          2. Maybe.
          3. Yes.
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            Phil Griffith Level 2
            make a backup copy of your project first just for safety.
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              In addition to Harm's post...

              As good as Premiere Pro is, its stability deceases and slows down with long projects. CS3 would not help you much there and there is a general consensus that its a good idea to finish with the same version you started out with.

              I would suggest that you finish in PP2 by breakup the project into manageable sequences or sub-projects. Just save and rename the original PP2 project so you have something to fall back on if things get screwed up because once you save a PP2 project from CS3, you won't be able to load it back into PP2.

              The important thing is to get the project done with the least amount of trouble before you decide to upgrade.

              Good Luck.
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                Jeron Coolman Level 1
                FWIW, I tried to open and import about six different 2.0 projects into CS3 and not one of them worked properly. They all had to be restarted as new CS3 projects.

                Other people had no problems.

                Based on my experiences, I'd definitely recommend finishing the project in 2.0

                Be sure to update CS3 to 3.1 as well.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  I myself have not yet upgraded to CS3. I don't find the extra features worth the price of the suite upgrade. At least, not until I really need Blu-ray and P2 support.

                  And given the number of folks in this forum complaining about CS3 problems that did not exist in 2.0, I'd advise caution here. Maybe get the trial first.
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                    Jeron Coolman Level 1
                    >And given the number of folks in this forum complaining about CS3 problems that did not exist in 2.0, I'd advise caution here. Maybe get the trial first.

                    Unfortunately most/all of my problems in CS3 that didn't exist in 2.0 seem specific to HDV, which isn't supported with the trial ;)
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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      That's a good point, and another reason to proceed with caution when considering to upgrade.
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                        Hi Guys,

                        thanks very much. On your advice, I downloaded the trial, and bam, a serious error on CS3 with a V2 project within 5 minutes. There were no effects, no time warping, nothing but butt-up editing, and it just won't stay up. I've even tried the adobe updater to see if there are upgrades available for the 3.0 version that is the trial, and there aren't.

                        Not only that, and looking at the program as a whole, as I'm only using DV, I'm really struggling to find what benefit I get from shelling out more money, and I can't see any.

                        I'll be staying on V2.

                        What a terrible advert for CS3 - their trial version doesn't work. Fools. I have to say, I'm very dissapointed.

                        Thanks for all your input though everyone. :)

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                          How old is your computer? If you do not update your hardware drivers you will have problems. Don't jump to conclusions. If everybody who down loaded the trial had problems there would be no Premiere.
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                            I do get what you are saying, but I'm running a dual xeon PC with all the firmware and drivers up to date. I have no problems with Premier 2, aside from those I've noted.

                            The same with programs like Cubase, if you consistently get serious errors in your C++ visual library, there's someting badly wrong. I'm not saying that cd3 wouldn't work if I started a project from scratch, but I just can't get the trial of CS3 to stay up with a V2 project long enough to actually test it.

                            Considering that my version of V2 is relatively stable, and that CS3 seems to be not working at all, and that there don't really seem to be any features in it which warrant the upgrade cost relative to DV, it doesn't seem to be a viable option to me.

                            All new software components that are needed should be included in the program itself, and if not, should be specified with the release.

                            I'll re-try the program with a new CS3 project when I get round to it, but it's just daft at the moment. It's not like there are any effects or anything major in my v2 project, so why does CS3 appear to consistently screw up with V2 projects? Considering that most people would be upgrading rather than new clients, Adobe really should have sorted this out.

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              Is there anything MPEG related in your V2 project?
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                                Phil Griffith Level 2
                                you are basing your conclusion that cs3 is no good by bringing a v2 project into cs3 and it not work correctly. Try it with new project before you dismiss it.
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                                  (C._David_Young) Level 1
                                  I brought a medium sized project (transitions, imbedded sequences, slomos, etc.) from PPro2 into CS3 and had no problems except one, which I have a workaround for. It is an audio sync problem and you can search for my postings on this. Otherwise, I am thrilled with CS3. The time remapping for slomo is worth the upgrade price alone. I have not used it yet but the new Encore looks much more powerful than the earlier version I used.

                                  With nothing but butt edits you should have no problem importing your project into CS3. However, if you don't plan to ever use any of its new features there is no point. If you think you will want to use them in the future there is no harm in upgrading now just to try it out. You can leave PPro2 installed and rename your project file. Then you can try it out in CS3. If it does not work you just pick up where you left off in PPro2.
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                                    First of all, finishing your project in the original version is advisable. I have backed up all of my project versions in proper folders, so I always have a 2.0, or even 1.5.1 version of a project to go back to. I have had great success importing the 1.5/2.0 project file into CS3 and working on the sequence that way. MAKE SURE YOU BACK IT UP IN ITS ORIGINAL VERSION THOUGH.