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    Audition 3

      Installed Audition 3 to use along side the Master CS3 Collection, After Effects now has the option to Edit in Auditon but Premiere still only has Edit in Soundbooth.

      Why add the option to After Effects but not Premiere?
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          No really good reason.

          For some reason Adobe wants to tell us which of their own products we can play with in premiere.

          However, I'd like to think it will be corrected with a patch or in CS4.
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            I believe there was a feeling at the time that the functionality of Audition was far too much for what most Premiere Pro users were after. That's why it was dumped from the Production Studio to make way for Soundbooth. For the majority of work that's probably true, but not allowing the option to go large is disappointing.
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              I can see the reason for having a simpler audio program for use with Premiere, however Soundbooth is a poor substitute as it would look more at home with Premiere Elements.

              It is strange that the option to Edit in Audition is available in After Effects and not Premiere, I hope Adobe will provide a patch for this as Im sure this could be easily fixed.
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                Mark, thats the point!

                Soundbooth should come with Elements and Audition should come with CSx. However, I don't care if both Elements and CSx comes with Soundbooth as long as you can upgrade to and integrate Audition with CSx.

                Even if Audition is a bit more that what most users need at this time;
                1. It looks more impressive to my clients.
                2. it will become more appropriate to CSx as CSx moves toward more professional audio features.
                3. If you own the product and its useful in CSx, why shouldn't you be allowed to integrate it into CSx?
                4. Surely, AE is more than most CSx users need - right? Maybe CS4 will come with AE-booth.
                5. If CSx is supposed to be the NLE "Pro" or "Flagship" suite of Adobe video production, then include the pro version of audio with it.
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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  File a feature request like I have done. The more people that file such a request, the more chance it will get implemented.
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                    Jeron Coolman Level 1
                    Does Audition run on a Mac? If not, then that might have some sort of influence on Adobe's decision to replace it with Soundbooth (and any plans to allow it as an option in future releases of the Production Suite).
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                      U know guys, Adobe never cares about customers requests.
                      They do what they wants, not customers.
                      All about $$$$
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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                        Of course it is about money. What are you, a communist? They are a publicly traded company, and they do what the customers want in order to earn money. Adobe is not run by a charitable organization.

                        Since they are reporting record earnings, you are probably wrong about them creating what the customers want. The customers vote with their money, and they are voting for Adobe.
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                          Adobe never cares about what customers want...
                          That's all.
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                            I too want to be able to edit audio in Audition from Premiere.
                            Just now I clicked an audio track in Premiere and selected 'Render and Replace'. It made a new file, and launched Soundbooth. I then closed Soundbooth, opened Audition, and had to go and manually find that new file.
                            It works, but is definitely not an optimal solution. Let's get a fix for this asap.
                            Premiere is supposed to be a professional video editor. Well, in my opinion Audition is a professional audio program. They should play nice.
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                              Jeron Coolman Level 1
                              >Adobe never cares about what customers want... That's all.

                              If that were true, they wouldn't have any customers.