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    Archiving footage

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      Bit off subject but I have hundreds of Gigs of DV footage (on H/disc not tape) that I want to archive. I would like to save some space and was toying with the idea of rendering it out to a MPEG2 DV preset. I am unlikely to need to use it again in a project (but I might juat need the odd clip here and there on occasions- Is this a good idea? And as an aside... what do TV stations generally archive their (24 hours per day) stuff to?
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          It's a good idea to archive your footage in a format other than miniDV tapes because after a few years you get a lot of drop outs. I just keep the dailies on the hard drive and buy new hard drives for each projet.
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            For around $ 90 you have a good 500 GB hard disk. Buy a couple of them to store your material in original format and keep them safe. It will save you the enormous rendering time to convert to MPEG2 and will allow easy eding in the unlikely case you ever need to.
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              Archiving is also a consideration for P2 and other non-tape cameras. Some are suggesting a tape back-up system such as DLT. I used DLT years ago. It was slow and clumbsy. I understand it's much better now. To be honest, I haven't heard of a archiving system that excites me yet. Hard drives can fail. Tapes can get eaten. Whine. Whine. Whine. :)
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                What about optical media such as the new Blu-ray DVD or even standard DVD depending upon file size? I have read many different views on the shelf life of DVD's and CD's. Is there any reliable source of information on how long these will last if stored in a proper environment?