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    Dissapearing cached jpegs?

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      Greetings List,

      Has anyone experienced 'lost' jpegs online? I have a test which
      dynamically loads thumbnail jpegs into a movieclip, and these movieclips
      are nested inside a container clip (fx.
      The container clip's visibility is switched on and off depending on if
      this particular page is being visited. It's a dynamic xml site.

      I use attachMovie to populate container_mc with thumbnail_mc, and the
      loader object with loadClip() to load the jpgs into thumbnail_mc. The
      loader objects starts pulling in the JPGs right away while the intro plays.

      When the site is loaded for the first time, the viewer can go to and
      away from this gallery page and everything is fine. If they close out
      the browser and come back to the (cached) page, the thumbnail mc and
      jpgs are missing. If the nested thumbnail_mcs (which house the jpg and a
      border graphic) are placed manually inside container_mc, they will
      appear but the jpgs are missing.

      I've tried using the loader object and just loadMovie into the jpeg_mc,
      and the error is the same. The thumbnails are just above or less than 1k.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          a recent op had a similar problem. that op had an xml.onLoad() handler to ensure his xml file was loaded before proceding with using the data and he used a gotoAndPlay(n) function when the xml data were loaded.

          however, he did not ensure that frame n was loaded before executing his gotoAndPlay(n) statement. that problem was resolved by calling a preloader after the xml data were loaded, to ensure frame n was loaded before executing the goto function.