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    Media offline

      Hi gang, i have project, ton of work into it, I opened it today and half my images and clips in my program Sequence window are gone and it says "media offline" in red. but the clips and images are present in my Project window and my Source window. Going crazy here! any thoughts?

      Frank Anderson
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          Hello there,

          I too am having the same problem. I've found that moving the entire project (every trimmed edit) to the side then back again brings the files back online - it brings the video footage back, but sadly, doesn't reconnect the render files. It's also not very... effective for huge projects. It's kind of like using Final Cut (burn). All bias aside, this is a big problem that needs to be fixed - I'm about to go through my project and do some serious color correction, and I'll need my render files intact.

          For the record, I'm running CS3 on a different hard drive than the media files.

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            I seemed to have solved my problem. Pick a clip in the timeline, that appears to be offline. Right click on that piece, then un-check "enable" then re-check "enable". For me it brought it back on line. A bit of a pain if you have allot of cuts, but it did work.
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              Hi I'm having the same problem... Have already figured out how to get the images and clip settings back but it really isn't a sulotion to go click on every clip in my timeline.
              I've got all my files on one drive and in the same file...
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                I had the same problem and i reported it to the etc-support, but no commend from that side...
                The problem appeared in a project where I used a lot of photo shop-layers
                The only solution I found out, was to select all files and to move them back and forth in the time line...
                I also had the problem that the software crashed with the comment: not enough memory (XP-SP2 2GB Ram)
                I had a third problem because the video on my external (TV)monitor was one second behind the one on my PC screen. This has to do with the firewire-driver of XP SP2. With the firewire-driver of SP1 it works fine...This software seems to be still very buggy and I don´t understand how adobe can sell that in this state!!!
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  Some troubleshooting tips.


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                    Same problem here. Media offline. There are no files removed/relocated on the disk and they are all online in the sourcemonitor, but on screen the links are shown as offline. However completely rendered and saved before closing the project, the problem keeps repeating the next time the project is opened. Enable/disable is a succesful but temporary solution; with an large project, that would take too much time, over and over again..

                    And also, the 'low-memory' whenever creating a title.. very strange with a ram-memory of 2 GB.

                    With a previous version of Premiere, this never ocured.. I thought it was my fault, lack of talent or so.. but it seems to be a Adobe-problem. What to do?
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      Check your drives and drive letters.
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                        Hello Harm,

                        Thanks for the advise. I checked the drives and the drive-letters again. The letters don't change, that's a good sign, isn't it? I also never change or diconnect my drives, thats the first rule I've learned since I have been working with Adobe.

                        That makes it very complicated, I think? No changes, only the installation of Adobe CS3?

                        It's also very strange that almost the complete project is unrendered when it is openened, excluded the offline-links.
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                          Phil Griffith Level 2
                          are you using external drives or network drives?
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                            Harm Millaard Level 7
                            Can you give some more details, source material, project settings, disk configuration, etc.?
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                              I'm using an internal hard drive, installed myself, one of two. Source material is captured from a camera by Adobe CS3. Project settings are default. I don't really know what "disk configuration" info you're looking for.
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                                Try clearing the media cache.

                                And deleting all the rendered & conformed files.
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                                  Hi, I have the same problem with my version of adobe premiere pro cs3. It is also interesting to note that clips entered a week ago do not exhibit the same problem as clips entered last night.

                                  Thanks, Aaron.
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                                    We're having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution? The media offline error appears in the timeline, but the clip still appears in the project window and plays in the source clip window. The timeline still says "media offline". We turn frame blend on and off and that seems to fix things until we save and shut down.
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                                      I'm a developer on the Premiere team, and we are aware of this issue. Most of you have already figured out that changing the offending clip somehow and undoing your change gets around the "media offline" problem. Unfortunately there is no way I know of to get the rendered preview files back.

                                      A quick way to "reset" your timelines so as to work around the media offline bug is to turn off track visibility on the first track for all sequences that show the problem, then turn visibility back on (or undo). You will have to do this every time the project is loaded.
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                                        Thanks for letting us know Philip.
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                                          Just ran into the same problem and found another way to fix it in 2 seconds (losing the renders of course)

                                          -Click anywhere in the timeline window
                                          -hit CTL-A to select everything
                                          -right click and choose ENABLE (unselecting it as a previous post suggested)
                                          -right click and choose ENABLE (selecting it)

                                          same result as a previous post but all clips are re-enabled at once instead of individually
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                                            Philip Sansone

                                            Are there plans on making premiere perform without all these work arounds?
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                                              Jeron Coolman Level 1
                                              Philip, you rock!
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                                                Level 1
                                                Yes, this problem will be addressed in the next (3.1.2) update.

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                                                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                                                  Man, four updates for a single version of Premiere. That's a record. Way to go, team Adobe!
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                                                    Has anyone heard any updates or news about when 3.1.2 will be available?
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                                                      i have similar problem with MPEG4 videos... I have fresh trial of CS3 premiere. On some forum I have found suggestion to check out installed codecs by sherlock.exe... Sherlock tells me that there are problems with installed Adobe MPEG4 codecs (in instalation folder of Premiere CS3!) - I've checked it and the files were missing...
                                                      At this time I have no idea, where to get those codec files.
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                                                        Harm Millaard Level 7
                                                        MPEG4 is not supported.
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                                                          Level 1
                                                          Aha, any way to get it supported?
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                                                            Harm Millaard Level 7
                                                            File a request at Adobe. It might be honored before 2020.
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                                                              Level 1
                                                              I don't understand why there are some adobe mpeg4 codecs (.ax files) registered in system and the path is set to premiere cs3 installation folder. But the files does not exist...
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                                                                Harm Millaard Level 7
                                                                I don't understand people that want to edit material UNSUITABLE for editing, like MPEG4.
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                                                                  Level 1
                                                                  Sorry, my input is mpeg2 - from handcam. I have mixed up the names. On the forum i have read before they suggest to check all registered codecs by sherlock. I have found that there is really one problem with adobe mpeg4. I have no choice, I don't want to convert anything for premiere and the red screen is still there.
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                                                                    Phil Griffith Level 2
                                                                    your first problem is you are using a trial version of premiere. Mpeg of any kind is not supported in the trial. Lisence issues with 3rd party suppliers of mpeg codecs. Second, mpeg is not a good median to edit with in premiere whether its 2 or 4. you are better off converting it to dv-avi before bringing it into premiere.
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                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      thank you! thats what i need...
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                                                                        mpiper_valero Level 1
                                                                        Has anyone found a fix to the problem of offline media and losing the preview files?

                                                                        Or, has anyone heard when the 3.1.2 patch is coming out?

                                                                        I just completed a project that had over 200 clips on the timeline, with motion, effects, transitions, etc. applied to almost all of them. Every time I closed the project (or had to reboot) I had a "clean" project that required me to re-link all the source media and re-render every single preview files.

                                                                        Another similar project is on it's way to my desk in the next few weeks, so I am VERY anxious to see a solution that does NOT include re-rendering every preview.
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                                                                          I just started with Premiere and am having a hard time swallowing this. Not only do ALL my preview renders have to generated every time I reopen a project, but Premiere chooses random clips and decides they are offline.

                                                                          My last editor had the amazing background rendering so previews rendered in the background while you worked. Sadly it just didn't support Vista and the right graphics cards or I would likely have stuck with it.

                                                                          However, I do like the display flexibility of Premiere Pro and I trust there are not many other such issues to deal with as I learn the ropes.
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                                                                            mpiper_valero Level 1

                                                                            Everyone else experiencing this has been using a while before this started. Maybe we can isolate the issue by comparing.

                                                                            Is this your first Premiere project with a fresh install? Is this with CS3, 3.01,3.1.1 or what version? What format are the source videos? How many source videos are in the project? Did you have this problem as soon as you started, or did it start after you added transitions? Are the same clips going offline each time, or is it a different clip each time.

                                                                            For myself, here is my info: over 20 previous projects, version 3.1.1, DV AVI files. 5 large sources and multiple jpegs and PSDs. The problem started after I had multiple transitions and keyframe animations on the clip timelines. The initial rough cut of just clips did NOT have the problem. The same clips go each time. It was the premiere-created titles, animated images and any AVI over a jumpback. If the AVI was over a jump back, but was either full screen or non-keyframed on it's timeline, it seemed to be OK. The project functioned correctly up until I had over 100 preview file segments. Not sure exactly when it went haywire, just that below the excessive renders, it was fine. Then, after a 6-hour marathon editing session, when I rebooted, all previews were gone and the files said media offline.

                                                                            Any ideas when/how/where yours started? I have been using Premiere since version 5.1 around 1998 and never had this problem before, so don't dispair about premiere. I'm sure Adobe will eventually get this corrected and it'll be solid. But in the meantime, it really throws a wrench in the works.
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                                                                              Level 1
                                                                              I've edited with Liquid 6 and 7 for some time so I have experience with NLE's. However, I installed the trial or Premiere Pro CS3 and then purchased a license. I ran the newly downloaded installer on 'repair' when I bought the license and installed Encore and etc.

                                                                              Before I purchased the license, I edited together a nice 3-5min sequence with crawling titles and an overlay and stuff and had no trouble with it (though I don't recall whether I had to re-render previews each time or not, but I don't think so).

                                                                              After I purchased and began trying to seriously get to know Premiere, I had a consistent crash when trying to look up / set keyboard shortcuts and then discovered that I needed the patch to the latest build, so now I am on 3.1.1. So the software as a trial has been installed for a little over a month, but I have literally been editing for a few days now.

                                                                              The issue did not occur when I was trialing the software. And I don't recall it happening before the update. What I can tell you is that my files are on a second drive as is commonly done. And the files that have had problems at this stage are one anamorphic animation (non-square pixels, has to be interpreted) and all my stills. My anamorphic DV footage has not disappeared to date.

                                                                              From what you have said, I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the 'interpret' function (whether used implicitly or explicitly) for both video and stills. I tried disabling the animation interpret so it came in natively however and it still is offline each time I open. Either that or items whose file format or file headers are not quite 'standard' as some rendered animation files can be, as well as images straight from a digital camera.

                                                                              I use Avast Pro antivirus, and Skype and the Vista Sidebar. And I am also using a 2GB ReadyBoost USB drive (trying to think of unique things about my system here). If there is anything else or if you see something in common, let me know.
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                                                                                creig bryan-mUOxt4 Level 1
                                                                                Early versions of Ppro suffered from a bug wherein large still images on the timeline were randomly, sporadically turned green or black. It turned out to be (possibly) a memory problem, and was "fixed" in a way that created the 50 percent scale sizing problem (stay above the threshold, or face very, very long render times). Perhaps this current malady has some evolutionary connection to these former problems.

                                                                                Keep Smiling
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                                                                                  Hi, I have the same problem of many of you with my version of adobe premiere pro cs3, media offline!

                                                                                  turn off track visibility on the first track for all sequences that show the problem, then turn visibility back on (or undo). Every time the project is loaded.

                                                                                  Is this the only way for now????? no other answears for this problem? we have to wait the update?
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                                                                                    I have the same problem with "media off line" showing up constantly in whack-a-mole fashion. If I drag the clip around and put it back in place, sometimes it shows up again. But not for long.

                                                                                    I googled this problem and saw posts as far back as 2005, so I guess Adobe is not too interested in fixing it.
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