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    Constant crashing - please help!

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      Dear everyone,
      We are in the middle of editing feature film on Premier Pro and having really hard times for past 2 weeks. Premier is crashing every five minutes. We cannot find any "real" reason because it crashes on different tapes (clips), different sequences, different processes...we would be grateful for any help or advise!
      Tech details:
      project size: now about 260 mb (perhaps, this is the main problem??!?)
      motherboard - asus P5B,
      RAM - corsar ddr2 - 4 GB
      processor - core 2 duo 6600 (2*2.4)
      video editing card - deckLink extreme
      2 raids (each about 2 TB)

      we tried almost everything:
      - worked on premier pro 1.5, the went to CS3.
      - we reinstalled windowsXP for about 10 times, so now we are using absolutely clean system that is installed on new hard drive (there's only windows on it, premier and necessary drivers )
      - we were working with uncompressed video and now we trasnformed it into DV
      - we checked all system issues ( such as viruses, drivers)
      - we split all video and audio on different scratches

      Still, nothing really hepled us and it crashes all the time.

      anyway, if anybody knows any solutions to frequent crashes of premier pro (1.5 or CS3), please help!

      Now, even autosave stopped working at all, and sometimes when trying to save the project premier crashes.

      Does anyone know how to decrease the size of the project? But we can't break it into several smaller projects at the moment because we occasionally use most of the sequences that are in the project...

      We would be thankful for any help...