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    Encore Always Crashing from Premiere

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      I am hoping to get a lot of static from you guys that there is loads of info on this and that Eddie Lotter posts a wiki. ;-)

      When I try to EXPORT TO ENCORE to make a DVD (Standard Def) PProCS3 does the MPEG compressing just fine, when it automatically opens Encore, there is a error that comes up. It says something like "Encore has encountered an error" it then has a cancel and continue button. When I hit continue, it then begins to work building the timeline and then there is another error. I continue, another window comes up and says CONTRACT VIOLATION ISSUE! and when I click out of that it says "Project Is Empty"

      What I have to do is close everything and reopen Encore, create a new project and import the PProCS3 .mpg and .wav in as a timeline. Then I hit build and I can make a direct burn DVD. (Which is what I want.) There are only a couple of "flat" posts in the Encore forum, and I thought I'd post here since my issue starts in PPro CS3 and this is the forum where all of geniuses are. :-D


      BTW, I just had a DV feature win BEST VISUAL EFFECTS at a festival. It was all ADOBE finished top to bottom.