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    Video drops frames

    Rick 59

      I am using a panasonic AG-HVX210 AE pro Cam and set my video format to DVC PRO HD 1080i 50i. Use the Premiere CS3 DVCPROHD PROHD 1080i 50i Preset and import the files.

      My question is what is the best format to save my video after editting
      Now I save it as:
      File type = QuickTime
      Compressor = Sorenson Video 3
      Color Depth = Millions of colors
      Frame Size = 1440 x 1080 v 16:9
      Fram Rate = 25.00 fps
      Pixel Aspect Ratio = HD Anamorphic 1080
      Quality = 100%
      Data Rate = Recompress: Maintain Data Rate
      Bit Depth = Use Project Settings

      And when the video is saved I use Adobe Media Encoder to convert it to a FLV format.

      When I look at the video its like frames are dropped see example:

      Does any one has some tips for me our tutorials about dropped frames

      Thanks in advance

      Ps. I am not sure if this is the correct forum