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    Timeline (no sequences)?

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      Ocassionally I'll open up an existing project with 2 or 3 sequences and the timeline window will add about 4 more tabs titled, "Timeline (no sequences). I close them, resave my project but this happens again about every 4th or 5th time I reload the project.
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          I've also noticed that if I close all my sequence tabs on the timeline, they can only be reopened by double-clicking on them when the project window is in "list" view. Nothing happens when in icon view.

          Anybody else notice this?
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            I just tested that. I can open a sequence from icon view by double-clicking on it.

            I seem to recall previous posts about multiple empty timelines. Was this project originally created in 2.0 or earlier?


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              This project was created in 3.0

              You can replicate this by changing the double-click properties (Preferences\General) for bins to: "Open in Place". Folders will open up in place (like they did in 2.0) but double-clicking any sequence doesn't set focus to the corresponding timeline when in Icon view.

              I can live with this but I'm still trying to figure out the empty sequences on the timeline though.
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                Somewhere I read that this is a bug in Premiere, and I hope they fix it. Everytime I open a project I get at least 2 sometimes 3 empty un-named sequences. I am working on a project now with several Multi-Cam sequencies and when I re-open the project only the sequence that I was editing in when I last saved out opens any other one's are closed and replaced with empty un-named sequences.

                Anyone at Adobe have anything on this? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Anyone at Adobe have anything on this? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?




                  Unfortunately, last time that I checked, the only hint of an Adobe presence here was that little red A at the upper-left of the forum.


                  You will need to contact Adobe with a Bug Report, to get their attention. We are but lowly users in this forum.


                  Good luck,