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    Two things the 'Adobe Help Viewer' SAYS Premiere can do that it actually can't.

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      Problem #1 - EPS vector files.

      Setting up, and bringing in assets / Importing files:

      "Adobe Premiere Pro continuously rasterizes EPS images, so you can scale these files without pixilation."

      This is completely untrue. If I bring in a .EPS or even a .AI file, Premiere immediately rasterizes it, and displays it at the native pixel site of the Illustrator document. This is usually very small, something like 600x600-ish. As soon as you scale it, all quality is destroyed.
      After Effects doesn't have this problem. It would be nice to scale vector images in Premiere, and the Help SAYS it can do it, but it can not.

      Problem #2 - HDV Capture

      Setting up, and bringing in assets / Capturing and digitizing:

      "You can choose whether to preview DV video on the desktop during preview, during capture, or both. These options for HDV desktop preview, however, are supported on Windows only."

      Also completely untrue. There is absolutely NO way to preview HDV footage on your desktop as it's capturing. Adobe announced with pride that this would be one of the new fancy features of CS3, but to my knowledge NO one has gotten it to work.

      If someone can get either of these to work, please let me know how.