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    ASPECTHD v5.0 - PP3 unable to reconize proper version upon upgrade from PP2  !!!

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I've recently installed PP3 on my comptuter - I already had PP2 with AspectHd v5.0 in my computer - when I load a CINEFORM project file, the CINEFORM windows shows that I'm using AsepctHD v4.3, which isn't even on my computer...!?!

      Now I have desinstalled PP2 and AspectHd v5.0 and reinstalled AspectHD v5.0, but PP3 still shows v4.3...

      Any thoughts on that or person experiencing the same problem ?

      This issue is currently in open open ticket with CINEFORM and I'll post it on CINEFORM's forum too.

      Thank you.