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    Export quality for desktop viewing:

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      I am using PPCS3 to export a short movie (5 minutes) that I would like to ONLY show on my desktop. My desktop resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels.

      When I export the movie using MPEG (NTSC High Quality - Lower Field), the quality of the full screen DVD using Windows Media Player (or WinDVD) is not very good. It is even worse when I deinterlace it which everyone recommends if I want to play it on my computer monitor.

      When I export the movie using Quicktime (MPEG 4), the quality at original size is excellent but starts distorting if I make the quicktime player larger.

      Is the reason my movie quality is not very good because my desktop resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and my video footage is NTSC - 720 x 480??

      Any good solutions to improve the viewing experience on a computer screen?

      The photos and video in my movie are very good. Should I increase the movie to a larger height and width? Any tips would be appreciated.