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    Use recaptured footage in an old project, how?

      Hi everyone,

      I am in a it of a weird situation. Years ago, I filmed and edited some silly stuff with my friends, using Premiere Pro 1.5 and a Digital 8 camera. I would really like to edit that project again, and I have since lost the footage from my computer, but kept the Premiere project which I have managed to find again. Since I have to recapture the footage from the tapes onto my computer, I was wondering if there was some smart way of putting the recaptured footage into the project in the correct places.

      I tried using "Link Media", which seemed to work somewhat, but since I think the length of the avi file is longer or something, the whole thing is off cue.

      Is there some easy way to align the footage so it matches correctly again?

      Kind Regards,
      Gustav Lassen