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    Need help: Importing Music

      So, I know how to import music from my computer, and it works fine on the program, but when I go to export it (this example was to a camcorder), no sound is exported to the tape. Now, I remember that back when I learned how to use this program that you had to change the format of the songs or something. But I can't remember to what or how.

      Any help would be appreciated
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          Dag Norum Level 2

          I think that what you need to know is that to convert your audio files to wave (.wav) will cause you less problems. Here is a link to a nice program that will do the conversion for you (in case you don't have any audio converters):



          Why is it so hard to just tell that .wav is the format preferred by PPro? Why does Hank need to tell everything about PC specs and formats of his source files in order to know the "best" format which he seems willing to convert to?
          I'm tempted to ask (even though it may put me in trouble): Even though you have one, do you need to be one?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Just stating that the OP is importing music from his computer means nothing. If he can't state the source format, or state his computer configuration and his project settings, how can you give him an answer.

            For all I know, he may be importing music with some obscure MP4 codec on a computer with a P3 with 256 MB memory unsuitable for CS3 and using a HDV preset and using analog connections. That could explain his export problems.

            Since the OP never did answer those basic questions, nothing much can be done to help him. Your remark about WAV format is superfluous to say the least and unhelpful. Any idiot can find that in the documentation, just as you did.
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              Dag Norum Level 2
              >how can you give him an answer.

              I did.


              >the OP never did answer

              I think "never" is a bit early to say after just one day.
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                I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.
                Windows Vista Home Premium
                2038 MB RAM
                250+ gigs Hard Drive
                Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
                Problem? As above.

                I have all of my music in iTunes format (because I have an iPod), and the problem is that I can hear the music play in Premiere Pro, but it won't export out to a camcorder connected by fire-wire cable. So, I remembered that I had to convert the files. Couldn't remember how to convert it or to what type.

                So, thanks Dag. Unfortunately, the program doesn't convert itunes files, it seems. Any idea how to fix that?
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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  I don't think the issue is file format. If it plays while editing, you're good.

                  For tape export, the issue is more likely a playback setting, which is normally set to computer for audio, and must be changed manually to external device for tape export.
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                    Dag Norum Level 2

                    Jim may be right. But, if you need to convert, you could probably use QuickTime Pro. Or, maybe (I don't use iTunes), if you set the burning settings in iTunes for safety (or back-up) copy to make CD audio, it could be that a CD created by iTunes will be readable for Goldwave, and then a conversion to wave will be easy.

                    I don't know if iTunes is putting some kind of copy protection on music that is bought through the iTunes store. If so, you might get some problems that somebody who knows how to "rip" iTunes will have to tell you how to deal with.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      For the Export/Import aspect from iTunes, I burn a CD from within iTunes, and then rip from the CD to Audition, or to PP. So far, Adobe products have worked fine with these. Only problem is that one has an MP3 file (heavily compressed) going to a WAV, which will not be able to recover the lost data. Sound has been OK, but not as good, as having an uncompressed, or slightly compressed file, to begin with.

                      I'd suggest picking up a spool of CD-RWs (provided that your hardware can handle them), and using these to get the music into Adobe. Or, find a great deal on CD-Rs, and then output from iTunes in bulk to fill them up.

                      Good luck,
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        It's my understanding that the copy protection is tied to the "Playlists," within iTunes. One has X times (15 rings a bell), that a Playlist can be burned to audio CD. Do not recall this number. If one either creates unique Playlists for this process, there is not a limit. That may have been changed in later vers. of iTunes. Also, as I have just two uses for the audio, in my iPods and into personal Projects in Premiere, I have yet to come close to that X. I've yet to have a problem with Auditon ripping these audio CDs (my workflow), but think that PP can do it too, with a bit of conforming. Only limitation is the already mentioned audio quality. Since my uses are personal, it's not like I am attempting to do professional finals.

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                          Dag Norum Level 2
                          Bill Hunt,

                          Thank you for your information!

                          Even though I don't use iTunes, I find your info very useful. Maybe not today or tomorrow I will get the usage of the info, but I do get some "strange" (not stream-lined for PPro) footage and some "strange" requests for services that makes the info useful to have in the knowledge book. Sometimes, for a client, the perfect quality is not the issue, but more so to get the job done.

                          Thanks again!