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    Runtime Error, please help!


      I have installed the cs3 master collection on a new system (quad 2,4 ghz, 4GB ram, quadro fx1300, WIN XP 64bit, cineform aspect hd 5).

      I opened a big ppro project which has been created with cs2 (i deleted all preview and cache files before). I saved the project to a different name.

      Project structure:
      65 Scenes embedded in Sequences embedded in a master sequence (master lenght: 110 Minutes).

      The big Problem is:
      When i click anywhere into the master sequence timeline, a "premiere pro debug event" error appears:


      Premiere dissapears after i click "continue".

      When i turn off the mastersequence audiotracks, this error does not show up.
      And everything works fine when i go into an embedded sequence.


      When i want to render some area in the timeline, Premiere wants to render the audio first. It hangs up at about 50 percent (always at the same point, but it is not possible to locate it) with the error message:

      "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Runtime Error!

      Premiere Path..

      This application has requested the runtime to terminate..."

      Premiere dissaper after i click "ok"..

      I tried:

      To get this bugfix from Micrsoft, which should help with runtime errors, but they dont respond.

      To install the Visual C++ runtime environment again.

      To deactivate all unnecessary startup programs

      To run ppro in compatibility mode

      To change sound settings in and out of ppro


      The event viewer description for this error:

      "...faulting module msvcr80.dll..."


      Please help me, if there is a solution..