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    Help!!!..I am getting error message PGC

      I am getting really short on time and i need to get this project burnt yesterday (isnt that always the case).
      Ok here's my issue...I have edited footage in Pro, and built menu in Encore, brought footage in, checked for problems, None..OK..
      Now when trying to build, i get almost most a milimeter from the end then it pops up the following message "PGC (my footage name) has an error @ 00;21;49;04 Internal software eroor:%0. (my footage name again)-PGC info:name=, Ref+KPGC, time 00:21:49:04..
      So i went back to Pro and checked what was going on in the time frame it mentioned and it looked ok, but seen as it was so close to the end i chopped it out anyway, so i did the whole thing again, pro to encore, encore/build and the same message code is coming up with a different time, and i have repeated this 4 times now, and no i am at a loss.
      Does anyone know what i can do..
      Thank you