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    Outputting to Tape?

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      I've got a production that needs to be outputted to a VHS tape. Normally what I would do is record it onto a miniDV camera then take that output and record it to a VHS tape, although I haven't done that with Premiere Pro yet. Is this the only way to get the video onto a VHS tape? I do have a converter box, but it's a Pinnacle Moviebox USB I got awhile back and am not sure if it is compatible with Premiere.

      Any comments are welcome!
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I doubt that Premiere will work with any USB converter, since as far as I know, Premiere only "sees" Firewire devices

          Some that might work...

          Or Canopus brand http://www.videoguys.com/canopus.htm
          "Matt with Grass Valley Canopus in their tech support department
          stated that the 110 will suffice for most hobbyist. If a person
          has a lot of tapes that were played often the tape stretches and
          the magnetic coding diminishes. If your goal is to encode tapes
          in good shape buy the 110, if you will be encoding old tapes of
          poor quality buy the 300"
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            Erik - why not just use the camera as a converter? Go firewire into the camera and take the A/V out of the camera into the VHS. Just a thought.