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    PIP in Multicam Timeline?

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      I wish to use one of the clips in the multicam timeline as a PiP. Can someone point me to the right direction?

      I have three clips, vid 1,2, and 3, nicely synced in the multicam timeline. At time 1:00 min, I like to show video 1 and video 3 as PiP while preserving the synch.
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          Place video 1 and 3 clips on the upper-most video tracks and then use motion scale to size and position each of the PIP's.
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            The problem is when i did this, my synch is off. Can you elaborate further?

            Here is my workflow.

            Created a number 0 marker in each video (1,2, and 3)
            Placed them on timeline and synchronized
            Drag this sequence into a new sequence2 which created a nested sequence
            Enabled Multicamera on sequence2

            So how do i do PiP on sequence 2 without losing the synchronized point?
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              Should have read your original post more carefully re: multicam timeline as I do not use this feature. My suggestion was to use a single sequence without any nesting. Place background video on video 1 track, PIP #1 on video 2 and PIP #2 on video 3. Scale and position each of the PIP's using motion scale. Synchronization is a simple as lining up the start point of all 3 clips.
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                I've done this a lot of times, I'd try to explain.

                I never touch the timeline that has synchronized clips.
                In the nested multitrack timeline:
                Place a marker in the starting point and cut
                Cut again in the end point.
                Copy the cut clip to track 2 between the markers (remains in sync)
                You have two copies of the same nested sequence in two tracks but already in sync.
                Rigth click on the clip in track 2 and select camera 3.
                Now you can scale and move it to set PIP.

                I'm sorry, I can explain this better, but not in english.