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    2nd request for help!

      Ok here's my issue...I have edited footage in Pro, and built menu in Encore, brought footage in, checked for problems, None..OK..
      Now when trying to build, i get almost most a milimeter from the end then it pops up the following message "PGC (my footage name) has an error @ 00;21;49;04 Internal software eroor:%0. (my footage name again)-PGC info:name=, Ref+KPGC, time 00:21:49:04.. I then went to adobe knowledgebase & is told me that i have a wav file and an mpegs audio file on the same track.. So my question is what is the best setting/format to use to take footage from pro to encore to burn as a regular old dvd...

      I appreciate any quick responses.. and even not so quick..i am at my wits end here and i have a client waiting for her dvd...


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          What kind of file are you bringing into Encore? Are you bringing in an MPEG-2 file from PPro, or are you bringing in a DV-AVI file (assuming your project is a DV project)?

          Try exporting a DV AVI file of your video from PPro, and bring that into Encore and try to make a DVD from that. When you export your DV AVI file, make sure that in the settings, you've got the audio set to 48000 Hz, uncompressed, and 16 bit.

          I noticed that you've posted before about this problem, and I thought you had it solved. Hope you can get it worked out.
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            I thought i did too, it looks like every project i am taking into encore now, via export to encore from ppro, they are all getting the same error code.
            It is a DV project and i am trying to bring in a mpeg 2 file from ppro.
            OK so now i have just taken my "test" footage into encore by exporting as AVI and it looks good up to now..fingers crossed..OK while i am waiting, i just want to ask you, what is the best audio format to use in Ppro?
            Also another question, what does "Adobe Encore Debug Event" mean?
            Thanks for you help.
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              Nope!!..It didnt work...Same error message right at the very end, when i hear the dvd in the burner getting ready to burn...Oh man this is soooo frustrating..Can i call anyone about this, like tech support do they help with these issues?
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                Andy Urtu Level 1
                Let see if it is the clips or a conflict with your Burners. Take your clip and trim it to maybe 45 Seconds. Then try making a DVD on your hardisk. (Not burning to disk,but to a folder.)
                Good Luck.
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                  I just took a test clip and exported to encore as a direct burn/no menus and it worked it burnt straight to disc, so i just opened a new project in encore and brought in the same test clip from my hard drive and put a quick menu on there and burnt to disc and it was ok!!..it played in dvd player..
                  I dont know what i am doing wrong.. Anyway it is 12.18am now and i am going to set my final project away to export direct to disc and in the morning i will see what happens, hopefully build a menu then burn from hard drive to disc, give disc to client, drink bottle of wine and relax..This has been quite a project, i guess i should keep my adobe forum window open at all times as i am sure i will have lots more questions as time goes on.
                  Well Thank you for your help.