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    Capturing in Trial for use in Full(Mac)

      I just purchased Production Premium(Mac) and am waiting for it to arrive.

      My problem is this, I need to take a trip to pick up some video footage. The trip is a 7 hour drive. I need to leave on the 25th which is the same week as my software is due to arrive. So if my software doesnt arrive before I leave, can I do the following:

      Now the question(s): If I download the trial version, am I still able to capture footage to my external hard drive via my esata expresscard with PP? If so is that captured footage able to be used once the full version is installed? Is there a limit on how much footage you can capture in the trial version? I will not be edting the footage just capturing it. That way when my full bundle arrives I am able to install and get right to work if it doesnt show up before I leave without putting the trip off for another week.

      I know it sounds like a simple question but I want to make sure I dont waste any time or money on a trip for nothing.