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    Hard Drive Configuration?

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      I just happened to have the luck of choosing a cheaper hard drive when given the choice and highly regret it now. Therefore, I'm trying to figure out my next buy and hopefully get it right this time..

      My current configuration:
      Processor: 2.4 Q6600
      RAM: 2GB
      Hard Drive: Seagate 320GB 7200RPM SATA

      From my reading, there doesn't appear to be a difference between SATA I/II harddrives so I hope that's correct here.

      There is no RAID0 configuration, compared to my older PC, and I see much slower rendering now regardless of the CPU unfortunately.

      I'm considering purchasing a WD Raptor drive (10,000) - possibly 2 for the RAID0 configuration.

      My dilemna is between the possible choices here:
      - 1 WD Raptor for Windows + Programs, 2 Seagate 320GB for RAID0 (project and scratch)
      - 2 Seagate 320GB RAID0 for Windows, 1 WD Raptor for Project+Scratch
      - 1 Seagate 320GB for Windows + Programs, 2 WD Raptor for RAID0 (project and scratch)
      - 2 WD Raptor RAID0 for Windows, 1 Seagate 320GB for Project+Scratch

      Using an external drive (very slow though), it seemed more important to have the render TO drive faster and the drive read from can be slower.. but I'm not sure.

      The first two choices are obviously cheaper than the last 2, so I'm trying to figure how much faster would it be or would the lone Seagate hinder the whole configuration.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          First option. Your boot disk does not need to be large, you media drives do.
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            I'm not too worried about the space/size in this case.. I'm trying to attain the fastest speed possible - 100GB is more than enough for my editing projects (after editing, I move them off).
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              A 2 disk raid is faster than the Raptor. Your media disk (array) needs all the speed.
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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                I think the best option isn't listed. Putting either Windows or your project files on a RAID is just not the best thing to do.

                I'd get a Raptor for system drive, use 1 320 for project and scratch, and the other 320 for media.
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                  Hmm are you sure on that? I've had a few friends who have that configuration (one drive for project and one drive for scratch) but the rendering is not that much faster... I'm not too worried about initial startup - more or less I want to get the best possible rendering and preview times.

                  Also - the RAID0 is faster than the Raptor, yes. What about a RAID0 320GB vs RAID0 Raptors? Has anyone done this and is the performance that much better than a regular RAID?

                  Thanks for all your input everyone! :)
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                    A min 2 max 4 drive sofware raid, Raid 0,is best for video.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      >but the rendering is not that much faster.

                      Rendering speed won't be drive dependent for quite a while now. Modern CPUs are fast, but not even close to being able to keep up with the write performance of even a single HD. For now, CPU is the biggest factor, memory second, and that's pretty much it.
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                        I agree with Harm (both posts 1 & 3)
                        This is by far your best disk configuration.
                        Then go to Quad core and then add another 2Gb Ram.
                        By then Adobe will be so far behind you'll have to wait a year or two for them to catch up with a good rendering engine.
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                          Yes, I'm pretty certain on the RAID0 for project files now.. but RAID0 of Raptors or regular? Obviously the Raptors are faster but is it by a significant amount? (Double render speed vs non-raptor?)

                          Modern CPUs being unable to keep up to performance.. that's strange - I've heard quite the opposite - where the harddrive is the bottleneck.
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                            Raid0 on your Raptors will provide little value to Adobe. At best maybe 2% and that margin doesn't offset the risk to your O/S by Raiding 0.
                            Once you setup as discussed above the bottleneck is Adobe itself, not the hardware. Although the Adobe render engine is hardware dependent there is a limitation which currently is reached with CPU, Ram and HDD.
                            When you go past this limitation you introduce instability where you may get very quick renders but corrupt projects.
                            Only time will cure this as both Adobe and hardware manufacturers improve their products.