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    Premiere CS4 Dolby Digital Stereo

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      Is Dolby Digital Stereo (ac3) included in the limited trial period of the SurCode encoder in Premiere CS4? Do I have to buy the SurCode encoder to continue encoding stereo ac3?
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          I sort of have the same question. Is the Minnetonka ac3 5.1 surcode in Premiere CS4? I just loaded Premiere CS4 on a new Vista Ultimate machine that has never had my older versions on Premiere, the I loaded up my old CS3 projects with 5.1 audio and I dont have the encoder as an available option. But on my older Win XP Pro machine with Premiere versions 1.5, 2 and CS3, all those versions have the surcode available. Anyone know, do I need to install some older version of Premiere on my new machine in order to have surcode available?

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            I also did a clean install of CS4 on Vista x64. I do have ac3 stereo available as an option. This is the 'only' Dolby option.

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              In older versions of PP, one got three (IIRC) trial uses of the SurCode plug-in. Back in CS2, on each of those trial uses, you got a pop-up (think it also had a counter incrementing down from 3 - 0) explaining how to upgrade to the full SurCode encoder. After the trial, you only get the pop-up. Do not know about CS4, but would guess that it's similar. Someone will have to report from the field.

              Now, with the older versions, if you did upgrade to the full SurCode encoder FROM the pop-up, you got a special price, over just going to Minnetonka Audio and buying from there. The difference was about US$50.

              Since the majority of the price of the SurCode is in Dolby Labs' licensing fees, any deal is a good one. I can state that there were no other "deals" then, even for volumn licensing, because of the high fees to Dolby. Who knows, that may have changed? Still, for the price, the SurCode is a good deal.

              Hunt, waiting to hear of any differences with CS4
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                2drumstix Level 1
                I do have "dolby digital stereo" available, but not surcode for ac3 5.1.

                I purchased the Minnetonka surcode for 5.1 sometime ago, version 1.0 or 1.5.

                But as mentioned, CS4 installed on a new Vista Ultimate without prior versions of premiere, and I dont have the 5.1 surcode available.

                Anyone know for sure, is the Minnetonka 5.1 ac3 surcode available in CS4?

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                  We have a question:
                  It is possible to export AVCHD file with 5.1 sound in Blu Ray format preset usigng dolby digitall 5.1, or we have to use some plug-ins? Premiere CS4 don't have the option to export in 5.1 dolby sound [5.1], only stereo.
                  We can't use oure AVCHD 5.1 footage,to take the full advantage of this sound feature. Thanks and wait for your advice.
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                    Apparently, 5.1 surcode is not available in CS4 as of yet. The 5.1 surcoder that has been in all previous Premiere versions since about version 1.0 was not put in CS4 first release because of product release timelines.


                    Per Minnetonka, surcode 5.1 will be in the first Cs4 update.