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    Mt2s to  MPEG2  to QT ?

      Hi there Lords of CS4, maybe you can help me..

      It was good news that CS4 can handle the mt2s files from
      my Sony HD-AVCHD camera. Preview is a bit strobo but it works.

      I planning to use the material on a catalyst v4 media server
      (Macpro-SSD). This server works best with QT-PhotoJPEG-files:


      I couldn't find a way to export my work to a QuickTime 1440x1080
      file, whatever codec I tried. However, exporting to MPEG2 (1440x1080)
      is looking fine.

      My question is : Is there a way to convert these MPEG2-videos into a QT-photojpeg file with the same frame-dimensions ?

      Or ( and that would be real super!!) is there a way to export rightaway
      to the right QT format ?

      hoping someone can help me,