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    Stuttering playback after export


      Sorry if such a question has been answered elsewhere but I have looked around for the past few hours and been unable to find an answer. However I am new to Adobe Premiere Pro (and video editing in general really) so perhaps I am missing something fundamental.

      My basic problem is that I have created a video which plays fine in the Premiere preview (I have CS4) but after exporting it, the video becomes very stuttering and jerky. To be honest I'm a bit unsure of a lot of the technical terms etc but i'll try to provide all the info that may be of use.

      I own a Sony HDR SR10E camera and so my orignal video files are shot (to my knowledge) in 1080i 1920x1080 25fps PAL AVCHD ... (I've probably repeated myself there or something). I am trying to put the video on youtube/vimeo and so have read to try to encode using the H.264 codec, at 1280x720, 25fps, trying to deinterlace it (didn't entirely understand what that meant but read that if you choose "None(Progressive)" under "Field Set" AME would automatically do it. I've tried a number of variations of the settings but every time after it has finished its very jerky etc.

      I did try exporting it as a f4v file and the jerkiness had gone but i'm not sure if you can use this format to upload to youtube/vimeo etc, and anyway I don't understand why the h.264 codec is causing this problem when it all plays fine in premiere itself.

      If any more info is needed, please say. I'm sorry if i'm making some massive error but although i've spent the last 8 hours trying to understand all the technological terms and sort it out myself I haven't been able to and any help is very much appreciated!
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          i have the exact same problem... i used all the same settings as I did in CS3 but the h.264 output is ALWAYS choppy. I even used the program "gspot" to make sure all the settings were EXACTLY the same, and they were... but anything output in cs4/adbone encoder comes out choppy. It's not a framerate issue, it's not a problem with the source files (projects in cs3 work just fine).

          I am so frustrated at this, mainly because I can't open my CS4 files in CS3 and I *need* to encode in h.264. Output to other formats like WMV work fine, but unfortunately the place i upload my videos rejects the files i upload, even though they look OK on my computer.

          very frustrating, I have no idea what to do. I've tried everything in project settings as well as encoder settings but the problem still exists. All my old movies, encoded in CS3, all playback flawlessly. Again, every single setting is the same, and I have applied the Premiere update, as well as the encoder update without any luck.