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    Audio Problem when Importing CS3 project into CS4

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      I began editing a rough cut of a feature-length film project in CS3 and recently installed CS4. My project file would no longer open in CS3 (this was previous to the CS4 installation), but after moving my source files to another folder so Premiere couldn't see them and relinking them, I was able to recover my project. This was a huge relief as I was worried the project was corrupt and I would have lost all my edits. Also, since it was a fairly large project (2 hour movie, about 40 hours of footage) I split it into smaller projects to avoid taxing my system too much at any one time. My load time had been about 40 minutes and breaking it up cut it down a great deal to about 8 minutes for each segment.

      I would like to continue editing my project in CS4 from this point forward. My problem is, when I either open my CS3 project in CS4 or import it into a new CS4 file, my audio is off. Meaning, my audio cuts are not where I placed them in the CS3 project. The audio is still in sync, it's just as though it's incorrectly edited and my J and L cuts are off for the audio only. My video cuts are fine.

      I've tried saving the CS3 project as an AAf and opening it CS4 that way. I've tried linking the audio and video together in CS3 before opening/importing it in CS4. I'm not sure what else to do. I don't understand why my project opens and appears fine in CS3 but when in CS4 it's off. I'd hate to have to go through the entire movie and edit each audio clip individually.

      Has anyone else run into this problem? Any help or suggestions would be greatly, greatly appreciated.