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    Nvidia GTX 280-A good choice for video editing?

      SO for the longest time now I have been having weird playback trouble with editing. I didn't think too much about it then because I didn't care that much about quality. This was when I was rockin CS3 and my card was an 8600 GTS. Recently I got a new computer with a sweet setup. It is an intel core 2 Quad @9550 with a GTX 280, 780i SLI board, and 5 gigs of DDR 2 ram. Yet, despite this, when ever I play footage into premiere,the images becomes slightly fuzzy in playback. This would not irritate as much as when I export it, The quality is just as bad. I uploaded HD footage off of a P2 card, exported it, and when you play it; it looks interlaced! The footage also looks like is did in premiere, very fuzzy. Now that I'm starting to get into the realm of HD this crap needs to stop. Does anyone have any ideas?