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    PPro CS4 and HMC workflow issues

      I've been a long time user of Premiere and have had a DVX for almost five years now. I just bought a HP quad core-512 graphic-6gb Ram-1TB Raid computer and I bought a class 6 sandisk extreme 20mbs SD card so I could play around with an HMC-150 workflow.

      So, I went down to my local camera store - stuck my card in the 150 and shot five minutes of footage on the PH 1080p 24p mode and took it home to try it.

      First off, do you go 1080P regular or anamorphic preset? I understand it's all 16:9, but which setting would one use. In the past I've always shot widescreen on my DVX, so I always chose the widecreen preset. Is the anamorphic setting the same? Also, how come no 720P?

      Anyway, I tried both and here is what I found. The clips came right up and I opened them and started to build a timeline with various clips. The first thing I found was that the footage was artifacting all over the place - very annoying - this happened in both settings. I also got intermintent green screen flashing like a various clip was corrupted or something. Sometimes it would show up - sometimes not.

      This happened in both presets, but in the anamorphic preset all the clips needed to be rendered. Once they were rendered the artifacting went away, but if you were in the non-anamorphic preset, then you were dealing with the artifacts/solarization type problems all the time because PPro didn't allow you to render.

      When I exported to Mpeg2-DVD off the anamorphic preset the downrezzed footage looked worse than a DVX100a and I got those intermintent green screen breakup/flashes, but when I exported the regular preset to microsoft AVI it transcoded just fine (for downrezzed footage)

      Lastly, the PPRO 4 timeline interface seem to subtly pulsate (top bar across timeline only) when I played back my timeline in both settings - is this a bug???

      Anyway just looking for thoughts or ideas on what I may be doing wrong? Thank you.