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    XDCAM EX metadata?

    Colin Brougham Level 6
      I've got a shoot's worth of XDCAM EX clips that I logged in the Sony Clip Browser software. I used the "Title 1" field in Clip Browser to give the clip a name, and then used the "Description" field to, well, add a description or log note. When I bring the clips into PPro, the "Title 1" field is interpreted correctly as the clip name, but the "Description" field doesn't show up anywhere in the columnar metadata display. However, if I right-click a clip and select "Properties", both the "Title 1" and "Description" field show up there. Great, but that's not very convenient.

      I've tried turning on all the possible "Description" options in the metadata display, as well as anything else that seems related--no dice. I can't get that field to show up in the columnar display. I seem to remember having access to more fields when shooting with P2. Anyone have any ideas if it's even possible to have the XDCAM metadata show up?
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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I do not know about EX issues specifically. I know that in the recent discussions of PPro column headings and adobe metadata, that a column/metadata field of the same names did not mean that they were the same information. The metadata system may even be tracking the name of various fields for different programs. My point being that your approach (short of finding someone who knows!) is the right one: turn on all the columns in PPro, and finding that your EX description is not there, conclude that the EX description is not available to PPro.
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Thanks, Stanley--that's pretty much what I a-feared. I tested turning on ALL of the pre-programmed metadata fields, and the only bit of information that came across was the "Title 1" field which turned into the clip name in the clip metadata fields. Nothing else came across--I take that back--various clip information like frame size, frame rate, and codec came across, but none of the fields that the enduser can edit.

            There's a lot lacking in this system: metadata edited with an external program (ie. Clip Browser) isn't carried into PPro in either the clip or the file metadata fields, and the clip and file metadata doesn't always seem to be communicative. I was really hoping to start making better use of metadata in my logging and editing, but if it's going to result in much more time needed to make use of it, I'll pass.
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              ovrexposed Level 1

              This is very disapointing. I logged about 100 clips with names and descriptions in clip browser. Those names will not show up in the media browser but do show up in the preview. That's too late in the process. Adobe, the info is there, please show it in the media browser. Should be an easy patch.