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    Problem with the imported video clips

      Hi! I'm very new to Premiere Pro, so please don't scold me :)

      I have a video file (.AVI) that I want to remove the audio from, and insert a new audio track.

      Here's my problem: When I import the AVI file into Premiere, and double-click it to preview it, it is really glitchy. The video is 1 minute long. During ~5 seconds in the very beginning, the whole video's "video" track is played, extremely speeded up (It plays through it all). The rest of the video consists of a freezed frame, and the audio is played in normal pace.

      I do not know which codec the AVI-file is encoded with, is this relevant?
      When I restarted Premiere the first time, it told me that it had to download codecs. I pressed OK and the codecs was downloaded and installed okay, but the problem remains.

      I copied the .AVI-file directly from my camera (Canon IXUS 700 I believe).

      When I play the original AVI file with VLC, everything runs perfectly with audio and video.

      I'm totally clueless, anyone have a clue how I can solve this?
      Any help at all appreciated, thanks in advance!