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    No video or audio in

    fburleigh Level 1
      CS 4.01 is installed (winxp) and boy am I having a poor time with PP. I've created an ntsc "wide" project, 48khz, and have imported mpeg video from our Sony DSR 100 hard drive camera. I've also installed the AC3 filter, which I know from experience is required for the audio in these files in PP. I can play the mpeg files without drama in any of the regular media players.

      The import says it's "indexing" then "conforming," so these behaviors are like those I'd learned to expect from CS3 PP.

      From there, things are not good. I can select the mpeg among my assets to see a thumbnail image. But adding to the source monitor produces no obvious results: no video. I can "play" the clip in the source monitor but hear no audio and see no video. The timer moves as expected and it looks like PP knows the length of the video.

      Properties for one of the files are shown below.

      I'm doing precisely the same workflow as I'd used for CS3, though it *is* a different computer from the one I'd used (they're duplicates, however).

      Can anyone suggest an analysis and way forward that could help me get work done?

      I thank you.

      Type: MPEG Movie
      File Size: 2.0 GB
      Image Size: 720 x 480
      Pixel Depth: 32
      Frame Rate: 29.97
      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo
      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Total Duration: 00;30;46;09
      Average Data Rate: 1.1 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.2121
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          If you can play the files on all kinds of players, you are OK. Those files were intended to be watched, not edited. Just the nature of the camera used. If you still want to edit, maybe something like Elements or WMM is better suited.
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            fburleigh Level 1
            Thanks Harm. I understand and appreciate your advice. Still, I've edited files from this very camera for two years with the CS2 and CS3 versions of this software. Adobe allows me to "import" them but then simply fails (not updating the source monitor). This is new behavior and, looking at the nature of the failure, not by design. Everyone will understand the preference to retain established known, functional workflows. ;-) I was looking for some workaround so I can get through the day without Adobe drama.
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              Level 1
              What did you do with CS3? The trend seems to be that you are not gaining enough from CS4 to totally lose the ability to edit. You would not be the first to go back.
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                Flaven Level 1
                I'm having exactly the same issue: suddenly, no video in any of the application monitors. This seems coincident with a sudden barrage of "LogTransport Application has stopped working" error messages that I'm still trying to figure out.
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  Ross, please provide these details to help us help you.


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                    fburleigh Level 1
                    Robert, you are completely correct that the baseline requirement is that import, edit, view should function. You're also right that when I removed CS3 from the machine I implicitly assumed that Adobe would not break this very basic function. Sometimes you make that bet and get bit. So I may very well have to remove CS4 or at least install CS3 side-by-side. That is not a welcome use of time, of course.

                    If Elements can do similar work (as Harm advises) and can do PinP with my current project, that too could be a way forward.
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                      Flaven Level 1
                      Frank, I suggested this discovery in another thread with somewhat similar Source monitor issues (no video for me on any of the internal premiere monitors): I have no clue why it worked for me, but go into your CMOS and look for a setting similar to "Plug and Play". The options are "BIOS" and "OS".

                      I had previously set that toggle to OS; on a whim, I changed it back to BIOS, rebooted, and ran Premiere. Voila! All internal monitors work fine. Incredulous, I retested: set the toggle back to OS, rebooted, ran Premiere...no video. Worth a try, especially since you say you're on a new computer: likely the PnP BIOS default is OS.
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                        fburleigh Level 1
                        Thanks for that, Ross. No love here, I'm afraid. But let's check that I did something like what you did:

                        In my CMOS config, under Boot options, I have a toggle item called "Plug and Play OS" [yes/no]. Since WinXP is PnP, that should be Yes for me. I changed it to No, rebooted, and PP continues to fail. If some other window is moved over PP, remnants of that window show where video content should be. Sometimes an image shows in the right-side monitor, but the image is still even when the sequence is playing. All together this tells me that my problem is more basic than mpeg imports.

                        The machine is actually old -- early 2004, with nVidea FX 5200 AGP. I did install the latest driver but of course that was no help. My office machine performs in the same manner. I also lowered by res and verified 96dpi normal font size.

                        I do write software. To me, all this means the PP CS4 isn't really "reaching" my video. But it thinks it is.

                        And I had another interesting experience: I could remote to my work machine, open PP CS4, and use the Open clip in Source Monitor. I was not insane enough to try to play that video, but I could *see* it.

                        That is an interesting outcome. I just don't know how to operationalize the inference.
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                          Flaven Level 1
                          Frank, that's the puppy alright. Sorry to hear no joy. My other desktop is XP Pro SP3 and was what saved my bacon whilst trying to figure out the Vista machine issue. The only other thing that comes to mind is to turn off Hardware Acceleration for the nVidia (or, turn on if already off--if you've recently updated the nVidia drivers, that could have put the setting one way or another).
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                            fburleigh Level 1
                            GSpot 2.70a's codec list says about several of the mainconcept codecs in adobe\adobe premiere pro cs4 that "file does not exist." The ax files are there but GSpot's functions to register / unregister codecs (right click the codec) both fail.

                            The distribution was downloaded and burned to DVD locally (we have a site license), so now I have a plausible theory that may explain the behavior on *my* two machines. So tomorrow it's off to buy media made by an actual production process. More news if I have it. Whether this could help others in several other threads having similar problems is hard to say. Certainly it's something to check.
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                              Flaven Level 1
                              "The ax files are there but GSpot's functions to register / unregister codecs (right click the codec) both fail."

                              For comparison, the ax files on both my (now fully functional) Vista 64bit and XP Pro machine exhibit exactly the same behavior with GSpot.
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                                fburleigh Level 1
                                Oops, then. ;-)