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    Videos stopped playing; almost skipping

      I am using Windows Vists and have successfully downloaded a trial version of Premiere Pro CS4.

      Originally my video files were playing excellently (AVI files taken using an olypus stylus 7.1 megapixel-that's really my knowledge base).

      After importing all of my files into Premiere pro, I moved them within my computer from Documents to My Photos. The files will still play using something like media player, just not in premiere pro.

      They continue to play audio but stopped playing video; almost skipping between the first couple frames. I began a new project and the problem persisted. I have also tried to solve the error by uninstalling and re installing the program, but the problem still goes on.

      Is it possible that moving the files within my computer caused the error? If so wouldn't that be resolved when re-importing the videos into the newly installed pro?

      Please help! I have a project due shortly and I'm excited to start working : )