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    1080 24pa P2 project presets see footage as 29.97 what a pain

    joshtownsend Level 2
      Why do I have to "interpret footage" and add the 24pa pulldown?

      I love the media browser but this is a pain. It worked in CS3 but why the extra step. I love the media browser, it's a big time saver but it's having to "interpret footage" is a pain. Please fix this.

      What's really annoying is that when I browse clips through the 'media browser' then make my in and out points I have to drag it into the 'project' then "interpret" then click on the file in the project window and THEN drag it into the timeline.

      The 720pa native preset works fine because it doesn't need to a pulldown. However 1080 24pa needs the pulldown. It worked perfect in CS3 but why doen't it work in CS4. Same thing in AE.

      This is my biggest problem with CS4. I can live with no P2 support for transcribing, bridge previews, soundbooth and photoshop video. However this oversight makes no sense what so ever.

      What gives?