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    Playback problems

      Hello, everyone.

      I am sure this is something very easy to resolve, but I still haven't really been able to Google an answer, so I would appreciate if you could shed some light.

      I have serious problems with playing back my editings in timeline.

      Right now I am working on a very intesnse type of editing involving lots of short clips with different effects and transitions interchanging and it's virtually impossible to play back the whole editing (let's say 2 minutes) in continuity.

      The only way to work right now is to play part by part (say, 10 seconds at a time), but even with such a short section smooth, continuous placback can only be accomplished after about 10 runs of the piece (I guess 'till it buffers enough). And the moment I scroll to any other part of the editing and come back I have to do it all over again, that is wait until ten runs do their thing ir oder to have playback with no freezes and stutterings.

      I am using .mov files with a bitrate of 4000, they are all converted from .mp4 files.

      I thought it had to do with high bitrate, so for the rest of the session I decided to cut the bitrate in half, but it doesn't seem like 2000 kb/s does anything to help really.

      Also, as I have a large multidrive structure (5 storage drives plus system drive) I started spreading the 2000 kb/s .mov's across the disks, but that doesn'treally seem to help either (or is it because there's just too much data flowing in already that's making it hard for the new file management to have any effect on the performance?).

      I'm on Q6600 and 8 GB of RAM in Win x64 and I tried switching from "Memory" to "Performance", but that didn't help either.

      So, all ideas and suggestion are more than welcome. It is virtually impossible to work this way (I'm still managing it somehow, but as you can guess it's becoming very tedious).

      Thank you in advance.