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    Can't see video in program/source monitor


      I installed CS4 Production Premium and in Premiere I can't see video in program/source monitor (just sound). I installed SP1 to Vista... no help. Then I upgraded my GPU drivers and it started to work. Then I shutdown my PC and in next start problem came again. I could find fix for that. Then I reinstalled GPU drivers and it worked as long I didn't restars my PC. I have tried it with many different video formats and all I can get is sound.
      Now while I was writing this I started Premiere and video apperead again, I don't know why. Then I shutdown program and now it doesn't work!!! This is very annoying. Could some one help me, please! Is there something wrong with my GPU or what? Photoshop didn't work with OpenGL before I updated SP1 and new drivers for GPU.
      I have 32b Vista, q6600, 4Gb, 8800 GT etc