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    Ac3 Audio problems

      Hello all.. As we are all aware camcorders that record in Mpeg2 format using Ac3 Audio cannot be imported into PPCS4.. I know this subject has been covered but i need an answer to this simple question...

      Premier Elements 7 is a slim down version off PPCS4, PE7 costing like 90% less than PPCS4 (£70 Vs £700) So how is it that my BUDGET version (PE7) can import my mpeg2 files with ac3 audio at ease but my expensive version (ppcs4) cannot...? Adobe am i missing something here, I mean if it was the other way around then i could understand but I'm at a total loss here as to why my £70 package works better than my £700 package.
      Is there Any files i can copy from PE7 to PPCS4 that will solve this problem...?

      Many thanks.... Levi
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          It is all about the right tool for the job. If you need to traverse sand dunes, you don't use your Porsche, but a far cheaper and better tool like a mountain bike at a fraction of the cost. If you need to transport 8 kids to a party you also forget about the Porsche, you use your wife's SUV.
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            fyew-jit-tiv Level 1
            HM I hear what your saying but what your saying does not make any sense to this point I'm making... Dude I'm talking about something simple here. PRE7 can import mpeg2 with ac3 files and play them back but PPcs4 cannot. I'm sure some off the pro users here who use PPCs4 would disagree with the fact that pre7 can import ac3 audio makes it a better tool than ppcs4...!

            Any other serious comments to my original post are welcome...!
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              Jeff Bellune Level 5
              Pr CS4 imports mpeg2 files with .ac3 audio, as well as .ac3 audio by itself, on my system just fine. So I suspect there is something installed on your system, either software or hardware, that is preventing that.
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                I transcode AC-3 audio to WAV 48Khz
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                  fyew-jit-tiv Level 1
                  Jeff I have installed Ppcs4 onto 3 different system (for testing purposes) and i have the same problem on all systems. On my laptop i even re-installed the O/S and then installed PPCS4 and still getting the same problem. The fact that Premier elements 7 has no problems leads me to believe that this is software related on PPCS4's behalf..!
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                    fyew-jit-tiv Level 1
                    Angelo... What software did you use to convert to WAV...?
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                      Jeff Bellune Level 5
                      I don't know what to tell you, Levi. It works here. I'm not lying. :D

                      Vista Business 64-bit SP1
                      nVidia graphics
                      Soundblaster Audio
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                        I transcode AC-3 (mono, stereo or DD 5.1) back to single-channel WAV's with Nuendo. But that's a professional digitl audio production software which costs around $1,800.00, and the Dolby Decoder/Encoder and the DTS encoder costs extra.

                        This are my Dolby DLL:


                        I work only with demultiplexed AC-3. Also never edit MPEG-2 or any other container formats, simply because all container are delivery formats and can not be cut frame accurate, only at 1st frame of a GOP.
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                          But when Jeff says AC-3 is working in CS4, then you should check why it doesn't work on your machine. Check if the AC-3 *.dll plug-in is properly installed.

                          According to the manual AC-3 can be imported, but I don't believe anything Adobe ever claimed Premiere can do, its all just stinking advertisment and marketing you pay upfront, the fixes come months later.
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                            fyew-jit-tiv Level 1
                            Jeff. First off dude i don't believe for a second that your lying. I have heard from others that the Ac3-audio works.. Equally i have heard from others that it don't. I do believe this is and adobe system error of some sort. I have also heard that there maybe a conflict with ac3 codex and realtek sound cards..! Ill be speaking to adobe tech support in regards to this matter today (Monday). thanks for you help fella.

                            @ Angelo... I use Cu-base Vst I'm thinking maybe ill use that to convert the audio, 1 question Angelo... Do you run the Video and audio as separate files within PPCS4...?

                            Again many thanks to you guys for your feed back...Levi
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                              Levi Ferdinand sez ---> Do you run the Video and audio as separate files within PPCS4

                              Yes, the video and the audio are two seperate files, and when the AC-3 is DD 5.1, then six mono tracks.

                              The only instance where I have to edit MPEG-2 video is when a DVD-VIDEO has to be re-authored and where the original source footage is not available.

                              In case you have one of this cameras which records to miniDVD, you can demulltiplex the camera miniDVD to MPEG-2 video and AC-3 audio, then transcode the AC-3 to WAV 48Khz and import the WAV into the video editor. The demultiplexing software (e.g. SmartRipper.exe) analyses the container format for offset between video and audio.

                              Typically the offset is 0 millisecond (no offset) to 80 ms; one PAL frame at 25 FPS is exactly 40 ms (1000ms:25f = 40ms/frame), so if the offset is for example 80 ms, then you displace the video against the audio by two frame on the timeline before you start editing. The MPEG-2 video itself gets transcode to HUFFYUVv2.1.1, this in order to cut the footage frame accurate and to obtained the picture quality until the video is re-encoded to MPEG-2 again as well to have transparency available. That's the professional way of re-authoring DVD-VIDEO, or how to edit MPEG-2 with Dolby Digital AC-3 in general.

                              Of course I don't know if that all helps, or if your workflow is completly different.
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                                You should ask Jeff what extension his MPEG-2 container format has.

                                I believe to remember that certain extensions are not accepted on import, but as soon you change the extension, it works.

                                Or is your MPEG-2 a VOB container? The you must demultiplex.
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                                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                  My big smiley was to let you know I was kidding around - I didn't mean to cause any anxiety by making that comment about lying.

                                  My muxed mpeg2 file had an .mpg extension.


                                  PS - some VST plugins wreak havoc with Pr; Cubase may be among them.
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                                    I tried a VOB (ac3 stereo) file which I changed the extension to mpg. PP CS4 imported the mpg file with no errors posted. PP properties show the ac3 audio was changed from ac3 to mpeg audio or did not detect it was ac3 audio. In either case it failed because the audio track will not play and no errors were posted. PP can import and play ac-3 audio as a separate track.
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                                      I have a problem with importing MPEG, they import with no Audio, wich obviously is in Ac3, but apparently this problem started with the 4.0.1 patch, try uninstalling Premiere to 4.0.0 and see if that helps.. any way.. still waiting for the 4.0.2 patch or at least a hotfix for that problem.

                                      p.d. about the analogy of the Porsche... with the cost of Premiere Pro it shoudnt be a Porsche, it should be a Panzer.
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                                        fyew-jit-tiv Level 1
                                        Many thanks to all off you guys for your feed back.. Uninstalled v4.0.1 and would you believe it.. PPCS4 has worked with AC3 audio...
                                        As Alfredo has kindly noted.. A 4.0.2 patch or hot-fix wouldn't go amiss...! Thanks guys..!