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    Issue with HDV m2v files and importprocessserver.exe

      I have 18 or so 40Min m2v files at 1440x1080 29.7P, These file go into premiere and edit with no problem. But when I close premiere and reopen it the project takes over 2 hours to load. The reason for the slowdown is that ImporterProcessServer.exe is going through all 400 or so GB of video and reading it all in again. Now I know that premiere needs to make mpegindex files for m2v's and it does do that, all the videos has a corresponding entry in the media cache and a mpegindex file in their directory. Does anyone know why its still reading through all the video files? I'm 100% positive this is not a hardware issue but just because I'm sure someone will ask:

      3.166GHZ Dual Core
      8GB Ram
      2x80GB raid 0 (os)
      2x1TB raid 0 (footage)
      both raids are recently defragmented and have in excess of 40% diskspace free
      windows vista 64bit