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    Graphic problem with CS4

      I think I have a graphic problem with my CS4.
      When I start Premiere and it show my project I can see a like a press button on that projects that I want to open.

      When my project loading I get strange marks on my loading bar

      I can't see anything on my monitor (that is my biggest problem) I can see a frame if I push the mousebutton over the playback monitor.

      If I minimize the premiere window and then maximize it it show my background image that i have on my desktop

      I have done the latest update of my graphic card, my windows and Premiere Pro CS4

      Program version: 4.0.1
      Operating System: windows 7 64bit
      RAM: 8 Gb
      Graphic card: 9600 GT 512 DDR3

      Everyting else work fine but just that I can't see my project in my monitor makes that I can't use Premiere Pro CS4 at all.