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    Noob needs help with Media Encoder Settings

      Hi All,
      Please be gentle with me. I am very new to this.

      I am using PPCS4 full version on which I am trying to edit and export video from my Canon HF 10 using their AVCHD format.
      The Mac is a MAC PRO 2 x QuadCore 3.0Ghz, 1 x 320GB SATA and 3 x 1TB SATA disks with a 30" Apple Cinema Display.

      I can import and see the video running in the source window, it can be a bit choppy but i am putting dowm to the lack of RAM (more the way). My real problem is that when I export the files the result is, well bad. I either get what appears to be a line effect every other line on the screen or by using other settings it appears grainy.

      My Cam should be recording in 1080i HD and i expect to be able to put this stuff on a DVD / Blue-Ray disk or file and see as good an image as I see in the viewfinder. This I cannot seem to do.

      Any ideas?